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Hand/foot-print kits - recomendations?

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hannahbanananana Sun 13-Dec-15 16:20:53

I'm looking for a good baby hand and foot-print impressions kit. Have seen inkless kits, ink kits, clay kits etc. and all look great, but having read so many rubbish reviews, really unsure which one to go for. Can anyone recommend any? x

kaymondo Sun 13-Dec-15 17:25:27

Honestly, if you can afford it I would recommend getting them done by a professional. The home kits never come out as well. We had vouchers for a company called imprints who do their sittings at John Lewis stores for both our dc's and the framed prints are fab. I couldn't have achieved that result at home. Think it was around £60 for a framed double print (so one hand and one foot).

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