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Playpen - Need advice please!

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kerriemck Sun 05-Jul-15 10:32:56


I'm looking for a playpen. The main requirement is that it needs to be easy and quick to put up and down, and folds small for storage (without needing to dismantle the whole thing in the process). It also needs to be sturdy enough to cope with a 19 month old smile and ideally it would be flexible so it could also work as a semi-circle (i.e. up against a wall, or around the front of a sofa).

It isn't for daily use - I need something that will work in our shared, non-childproofed garden, and to take to the grandparents' house (they have a very energetic dog!).

I've already returned 2 different playpens - one because it was far too bulky to store or move around easily, and the other because it took several minutes to dismantle in order to store it.

Please help!!! I can't face boxing up and returning a third playpen!

Waggamamma Sun 05-Jul-15 10:39:25

Why do you need a pen for a 19month old? wouldn't a Stargate be enough?

try babydan, they make play pens.

grabaspoon Sun 05-Jul-15 10:40:14

Travel cot is your friend

RobotHamster Sun 05-Jul-15 10:42:29

Which ones have you had so far? You're not going to find anything that packed away in an instant, they all take at least a few minutes. The babydan ones are good. You can fix them to the wall to make a semi circle or a to divider, but you wouldn't be able to just put it in front of something without attaching it, as it would just fall over

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