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Swaddle for 3 month old

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LauraDec Sun 22-Feb-15 15:42:41


I've just discovered that swaddling is a god send for my nearly 3 month old. However at the moment he's in a grow bag with s muslin swaddling his arms.

Are any of the swaddle products worth it? I mean the swaddle bag type of things (like the ergo swaddle). We had a swaddle blanket when he was new born but he put grew that and the muslin works but he does wriggle out of it.

nappyqueen Sun 22-Feb-15 16:12:51

I know swaddling is wonderful for some sleep but please be very careful. Massive risk of cot death, I work on a NICU and we do not swaddle babies when ready for home.
If he won't go to sleep feel free to swaddle him until settled and whilst under your full supervision but then unswaddle so he can move freely. A good method is a narrow band of folded sheet across baby's arms tucked in firmly under mattress, gives feeling of being held but baby can work free if needed, again release once baby is asleep.
Take care and hope you get some sleep soon!

LauraDec Sun 22-Feb-15 16:17:55

Hi ya, where's the evidence for that? Everything I've read is very pro-swaddle and I haven't heard there is a risk of cot death attached to swaddling. So would be keen to read some of the facts around that.

juniorcakeoff Sun 22-Feb-15 16:20:52

We used a woombie (stupid name) and it is fantastic, can get in John Lewis or Amazon. I like it because they can still keep their arms across their chest and the material is quite thin so no worries about overheating. Their is a similar product with little wings (Love to Dream swaddle up) which I looked at as a backup when I couldn't find the next size woombie online.

Nappyqueen OP is asking about swaddle bags which are safe, also she is currently using a muslin which I do not think would cause problems even if her 3 month old managed to wriggle under it.

nappyqueen Sun 22-Feb-15 17:05:21

The biggest risk is over heating and particularly if in a restricted environment, eg a muslin in a sleeping bag as baby cannot escape it. swaddle blankets are slightly better but depends on what baby is wearing and temp of the house etc.

Sue Macdonald, education and research manager at the Royal College of Midwives, said the college advised parents to avoid swaddling in general.

“There are concerns about the growing use of swaddling because of the possibility of overheating the baby, and the increased risk of cot death,” she said.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) advises caution against swaddling as recent research suggests it could be an emerging risk factor for cot death. The Royal College of Midwives also advises against swaddling for this reason, but also because of concerns over the proper development of babies' hips.

If you do want to swaddle your baby, talk to your midwife or health visitor first, and follow these basic guidelines:

•Use thin materials and don't cover your baby's head
•Wrap your baby so that their legs are free to move - they should be able to move them up and outwards without any restriction

Putting your baby down to sleep To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (sometimes called cot death) the FSID advise you to: • put baby down on his/her back to sleep, never on his/her front or side • keep the cot at the side of your bed for at least the first six months • make sure the room is not too hot (16-20° is ideal) • make sure the mattress is firm and flat – no waterbeds or bean bags • make sure baby is not overdressed, or covered with too much bedding • never swaddle (wrap up) your baby • ensure that the bedding is not able to cover baby’s head • make sure the room is a smoke free zone • never sleep with baby on a sofa or armchair
I know it seems harsh - I did at times co sleep with my youngest but working where I do you learn a lot!

Hope some of this helps and sorry it's a lot.

juniorcakeoff Sun 22-Feb-15 19:46:11

Swaddle bags are like a baby sleeping bag with no arms see here and here. They are light jersey material, head cannot slip down. Quite popular in Australia where they make them even lighter. Legs can move up and down freely.

I think they are quite different to swaddling with a blanket and more akin to a grobag personally. Just more effective to prevent startle reflex (all mine had extremely overactive startle reflex!)

Sleepingstarsmommy Sun 29-Mar-15 09:45:08

I panicked when my little man started to grow out of his Swaddle me bags but then was recommended this by a friend

It wasn't cheap and took a while to arrive but was a god send!!

Lou0211 Mon 28-Sep-15 12:47:57

At my antenatal they don't recommend swaddles due to overheating risk and can effect baby's hip joints. They said if you wanted to use it then release the swaddle when sleeping. This put
Me off so will be sticking to blankets in the first few weeks and then grow bags.

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