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cold water steriliser or tupperware tub??

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xShellyx Sun 18-Jan-15 11:46:53

Iv been looking at cold water sterilisers because iv heard how much easier they are and I remember the faffing about with the microwave one with my daughter.

Someone suggested just buying a large Tupperware tub with a lid and using that with the sterilising solution because apparently that's all your paying for anyway.

Anyone else do this?

BeverleyCrusher Sun 18-Jan-15 11:54:02

It depends how much you are doing I think. I bf so only had a few bits of breastpump and the odd small bottle to do, so a large tub with a kid was fine. But you need to be more careful if you're ff, kit needs to be fully submerged and you'll have a lot of it, so need something really deep. If you can find a really deep Tupperware, ok, but I doubt a usual box will be enough.

xShellyx Sun 18-Jan-15 17:02:49

I was thinking that, iv seen some really deep ones with lids, but iv never used a cold water one before.

I'm still torn as to how I'm feeding, iv got the pump, pots etc to express but also a tub of formula just incase.

BeverleyCrusher Mon 19-Jan-15 11:01:04

If it's deep I'm sure it's fine. When I had my first I was in hospital for a while as he was tube fed. I had to express and sterilise all the kit. They just gave me a big tub with a kid and some Milton, no fancy steriliser smile

If you are hoping to bf I definitely wouldn't shell out yet as you really might not need it. You don't even need to sterilise pumps and bottles for breastmilk, by the time I got to DC2 I just used hot soapy water as per guidance, or dishwasher. Formula you do definitely need to though.

superbfairywren Sun 01-Feb-15 04:27:12

Milton do a combi steriliser which you can use for cold water sterilisation and microwave. I've bought one as it's handy to be able to quickly whack stuff in the microwave but if we go camping It is good to have just the one tub and not need a separate one for each use. Its a lot sturdier and has a better sealed lid than most normal Tupperware.

soupmaker Sun 01-Feb-15 04:49:25

Yes. This is what I used. Absolutely fine. As others have said make sure bottles are fully submerged. I had a small microwave steriliser which came with my breast pump which I used too and was handy for when travelling.

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