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safety catches

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catrina82 Sat 06-Dec-14 13:01:21

Hi, i just bought the lindam safety catches to use on my kitchen draws.
Has anyone else used these? Can the child still pull the draw open enough to catch their fingers? Cause it looks like it needs to open to undo the clip.

Can anyone recommend any other safety catches? I used the ones with the sticky tabs, but my little boy just ripped them off!

Thanks x

JammyFingers Tue 09-Dec-14 21:46:29

Hi Catrina82

Firstly. How old is your child?

website -
Twitter -
ebay -

Jammy Fingers is a simple locking system. It inhibits children from potentially opening dangerous cupboards & draws, which shouldn't be opened by curious little fingers.

Created in a "Eureka" moment by 3 fathers, who have come together to design, manufacture & share their product with everyone.

We'd love to hear your views on any current child locking systems you have. Or if you are about to purchase some, but are confused on which to buy? Tell us your thoughts.

We are also looking for bloggers to review or product...Yes! free Jammy Fingers samples.

Currently we are in the final stages, prior to launching Jammy Fingers in early 2015. Be part of our community in keeping children safe.

Product characteristics

•12 times stronger than regular 'hook & loop' system
•No drilling or locating necessary
•Resistant to high temperatures
•Resistant to solvents
•Indoor or outdoor use
•Discreet size 25mm x 12mm
•Transparent in colour

Kind regards

Father of 3

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