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small helpful gift ideas please?!

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greentea85 Wed 08-Oct-14 12:18:13

my sister is just about to have a baby, I dont have very much money to spend, under £10 for sure, preferably under £5! I was wondering if any of you have any ideas of something I could get her which would be nice and/or useful to her! she already has a mountain of things for the baby, so I want something for her, or something for them both!
I have never had a baby, and dont know anyone else I can ask so any ideas very welcome
Thank you
confused smile

ItMustBeALime Wed 08-Oct-14 20:13:02

How about an engraved mirror for her - nice little pamper-esque touch and useful for checking for missed bits of vomit in hair prior to leaving house?

this one costs 9.99 (plus delivery)

Or a new item of clothing from everything5pounds?

Or a fold up mac to fit in her changing bag such as this?

Elizabeth22 Wed 08-Oct-14 21:07:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

candykane25 Wed 15-Oct-14 21:08:04

The most useful gift I got was the cheapest - baby sized coat hangers from home bargains.
And my sister got me blue cheese which I had missed desperately.
I also wanted but never got round to it, a teasmaid. For those middle of the night feeds. That would be the height of luxury.

Jcee Wed 15-Oct-14 21:13:07

Hand cream! When I had DD I seemed to be permanently washing my hands or vomity clothing so it was a godsend. Or if your budget will stretch one of those insulated mugs, perfect for keeping tea warm whilst feeding

Millie3030 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:56:03


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