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Samba vs forza goal posts?

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gd1976 Sat 04-Oct-14 20:18:58

Samba are bit more expensive. Is there any difference? Or are there any cheaper alternatives with out compromising the quality? Have got potentially many years ahead of use so want it to last....

Tuinrain Thu 23-Oct-14 18:52:35

Hello gd1976

I happened upon this post because I was googling to find out about the comparison also. There is very little information on the difference between Forza and Samba. I will be purchasing online and Amazon was looking like the best option. What was swaying me towards Samba was the delivery cost - £6.95 from seller for Samba and £13.38 from seller for Forza. However, if you go direct to seller websites Forza costs £7.95 delivery and Samba has free delivery (although the goal is £4 more expensive). This is based on 8 x 6 fun goal but I am certain there will be different charges for other available sizes. All very confusing.

The upshot is, they both get equally good reviews, so for me it is down to delivery costs at the moment.

johnwilson10 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:57:14

The best plastic football goals by a mile are not Forza or Samba Goals but the original goals that were first made in 1989 by ITSA GOAL. They are stronger, sturdier offer a two-year warranty and have the best goal nets that outlast the rest. The company introduced Mini Soccer that all the kids now play ..they were the first and are still the best plastic goal post manufacturer in the UK.
Others like Forza and Samba copied the concept and flooded the market with lesser engineering products. All have dipping crossbars and net supports just pushed into a hole (not locked as they state). Most generate reviews from paid companies but you can find what they are really like if you look at some of the lower starred posts. You will not find a bad review against an ITSA GOAL post anywhere and that is over a thirty year period. The company spends most of the time replacing Forza and Samba Goals. To match the other goal posts they also offer a budget range called FOOTIEGOALS.COM
they offer a longer warranty, they look after their customers and that is why they are still around. A highly respected company and the choice of the discerning buyer. Contact the online stockist on 0114 242
4244 you will not regret it

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