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Samba vs forza goal posts?

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gd1976 Sat 04-Oct-14 20:18:58

Samba are bit more expensive. Is there any difference? Or are there any cheaper alternatives with out compromising the quality? Have got potentially many years ahead of use so want it to last....

Tuinrain Thu 23-Oct-14 18:52:35

Hello gd1976

I happened upon this post because I was googling to find out about the comparison also. There is very little information on the difference between Forza and Samba. I will be purchasing online and Amazon was looking like the best option. What was swaying me towards Samba was the delivery cost - £6.95 from seller for Samba and £13.38 from seller for Forza. However, if you go direct to seller websites Forza costs £7.95 delivery and Samba has free delivery (although the goal is £4 more expensive). This is based on 8 x 6 fun goal but I am certain there will be different charges for other available sizes. All very confusing.

The upshot is, they both get equally good reviews, so for me it is down to delivery costs at the moment.

johnwilson10 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:57:14

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JaneThompson01 Tue 22-May-18 11:26:57

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SaraPerrettNWS Thu 31-May-18 11:52:46

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JaneThompson01 Tue 05-Jun-18 11:44:02

Thanks Sara, your post was really helpful!
After doing some of my own research I came across this blog post that has an interesting breakdown on each type of football goal and useful size info!

SoccerDad Thu 02-Aug-18 08:39:40

Not sure on the durability of the Forza Goals. There is a video here showing them breaking when a ball is kicked at them. Hope that this is helpful.

ElizabethDale Tue 18-Dec-18 17:33:04

Like Tuinrane, I happened upon this thread because I was googling to find out the difference too as my 6 year old has asked for a goal for Christmas. We don't have a massive garden so I knew I was after a 6 x 4.

After seeing JaneThompson01's link here I went for the FORZA Goal which seemed the best value for money (£36.99 vs £73.99?!), buying it directly from Net World Sports. It arrived within a few days and can't wait to see my little boys face on Christmas Day... will keep you updated.

RachelWright Thu 09-May-19 20:05:55

Thanks for the info Jane and Elizabeth.
I found the shipping cost on the Net World Sport site too expensive at £9.95 for next day. I opted for a Samba Football Goal from The Soccer Store. Their delivery was free of charge and the goals arrived the very next day. My 7 year old was using his goal in our garden the very next day.

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