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What julienne peeler do you recommend?

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davis45 Tue 29-Jul-14 02:10:03

Hi all,

I try to eat healthy food: different salads, vegetable dishes, etc. I am very interested in some simple recipes and I have decided to buy a peeler.

On Amazon, I found two variants:

As for a girl, I have too big hands, lol, and I'm a little worried that peeler will slide and I can get hurt. This has happened many times with my kitchen knife. I really like this peeler because of rubberised handle:

The only thing that confuses me - a small number of reviews.

Anybody tried to use one of them? Or please post the one you use that works great.


davis45 Wed 30-Jul-14 21:39:20

Nevertheless, I decided to try peeler from Deiss. I will describe my impressions and peeler's pros and cons after Amazon deliver it.

rootypig Wed 30-Jul-14 21:40:39

I have just been researching this very thing! I await your verdict smile

davis45 Tue 12-Aug-14 22:02:26

Hi, I decided to buy two peelers. And after a week of use, I can share my impressions. Please, do not judge strictly, this is my first review smile

I was initially interested in extraordinary round form of Joseph Joseph 3-in-1. But then it turned out that it does a great job, cleans easily and safely. It's a little easier to peel apples and other round fruits, compared to peeler with a standard handle. It also does a nice noodles. Joseph Joseph is conveniently disassembled for cleaning in the dishwasher. But still has shortcomings. This peeler is not very well suited for continuous operation. Because of its shape, insufficient size (too small and narrow) and slippery material hand begins to tire quickly enough. And then noodles turns out not so beautiful as before. As a result, we have a very interesting concept, but with some minor flaws.

As for the second peeler from Deiss, I have not noticed the large differences in the quality of peeling and julienning. It is easier to clean, you just need to hold the peeler under running water. Not be amiss to keep on hand a cheap brush to occasionally clean out the remnants of vegetables stuck between teeth. Traditional peeler's handle seemed to me still more convenient than peeler of round shape. Your hand is not so much tired and peeler does not slip in it. So you can get more job done.

Both peelers are great products, with own advantages and disadvantages, but in the last week, I noticed that mostly use peeler from Deiss. I really like it.

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