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Where can I find a kids teepee for bedrooms?

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carolynone Wed 02-Jul-14 10:03:26

I'm looking for a teepee for the kids bedroom, one that'll look pretty in the corner of the room or something. I've found some by Moozlehome and by Youmi & Teepee but the only others i've found i'd need to ship from Australia. Any suggestions?

5madthings Wed 02-Jul-14 10:06:18

I got one from Amazon for my dd for Xmas, it's a sort of Cath kidston cowboy type print, really lovely and very reasonable prices.

What size do you want?

Fcukfifa Wed 02-Jul-14 10:07:52

I've seen some on Have also seen someone on Facebook making them but can't remember their name.

We bought some bamboo sticks (50p each) and tied them together, cut an old duvet cover up and hung it on and put lights inside for a rainy day activity for my ds one day, really fun but not the er..prettiest!

Fcukfifa Wed 02-Jul-14 10:08:48

The one we made smile

carolynone Wed 02-Jul-14 10:21:18

aww see I quite like the homemade look I might give that a go! It cant be too big because the room isnt massive and the one I thnk you mean on amazon is massive. Yeah ive seen a couple on facebook and I think this is my favourite but just wondering if anyone had seen any other designs?

user1477057994 Fri 21-Oct-16 15:02:12

Hello smileI know I've arrived very late to this party, but in case anyone is looking for a teepee, I sell handmade teepees from Just For a Tiny People. They come in two sizes, up to adult. You are very welcome to pop by my site smile xx

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