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Buggy pitstop London

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Victoria2002 Mon 05-May-14 19:30:19

Not sure really where this review fits on mumsnet, do signpost me if there's a better spot.

Buggy pitstop complaint

They wanted £190, fixed it myself in 20mins for. £42.50

I took my mountain buggy swift to buggy pitstop as one of the axels was slightly bent, and I kept getting punctures on that side. After looking at the pram they came up with a price of £190 to repair it. This included two axels (they claim if you change one you need to change the other-NOT TRUE), two new tyres and tubes (mine were rather worn), PLUS new braking system as they said that to remove the axel you need to remove and replace the whole breaking system. (NOT TRUE) There was no service included in this price, just £35 for labour. As the pram only costs £320 odd new I decided not to go ahead with the repair. When I FINALLY tracked down a number for mountain buggy they were really helpful and talked me through how to buy and change the axel-extremely simple. Next I bought tyres and tubes from Amazon and looked on youtube re how to change them. I called buggy pitstop a week ago to complain about the wrong information they'd given me, they made all the right noises and promised to look into it, but NEVER CALLED ME BACK.

westbourneparkmum Fri 26-Sep-14 07:48:32

Buggy Pitstop are appalling!!! Avoid at all costs. Their customer service is non-existent. I ordered a spare part for my Bugaboo and they sent it to the wrong address. They promised to resend a new one but then just refused. And they haven't refunded my money.

Unbelievably bad service.

Rosielovi Wed 13-Apr-16 17:30:39

they actually have broken my pram and are now claiming somehow they didn't touch it,
I'm getting the feeling the are just a bunch of rip off merchants who think they're on to a good thing knowing women take pride in there prams,
The man actually offered me £100 for my year ok bugaboo donkey! I was shocked at how upfront they were about ripping people off,
Also just nasty and rude, I got the feeling I was going to be ripped off as soon as I stepped foot int there and they excelled themselves!

kirstyfrancesca Tue 19-Apr-16 23:34:29

All of a sudden without warning, my 2 year old Bugaboo Bee had a (dangerously) broken push-bar and hissing wheel. I looked at previous posts for Pitstop Buggy on Mumsnet and some other blogs. To be honest, the reviews were very 'mixed' to say the least, with a few positive but plenty of negative and angry ones too ('the worst' one person called them etc etc).

Obviously I can only go on my experience. But I did think it was worth sharing as it was totally positive.

This Saturday afternoon, I needed help and was worried to be without a buggy for too long as we use it nearly every day. After googling for a while I did not see many options for repairs apart from the smart website for Pitstop. I spoke to a nice guy on the phone and he advised they could pick up or I could drop off. Dropping off seemed quicker. I took it to Hangers Lane (!) and I could not say it was super easy to find the Unit - a workshop in a business park - but I was glad to find when I arrived the team all seemed great and I could see lots of other buggies which had been serviced already.

I had a service to clean and disinfect and polish etc and 2 spare parts. Yes it was expensive with £80 labour (not compared to the price of a new buggy of course) but it was worth every single penny. It came back gleaming, totally fixed and like new again and everyone I had contact with was charming, helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

From my experience (and I may have been lucky) I cannot fault them, you really do get what you pay for. I am sure that there are other people who can fit spare parts or clean but this is like a full MOT for a car with a full valet. Only once did they not call when they said they would, and they apologized the next day. They sent helpful e mails to update, called me and sent text messages to give progress reports, nice calls from driver to check I was home before delivery, e mailed an invoice when complete. They may still be finding their feet and growing, so could have had problems with customer service in the past, but I would say they had very, very good communication and contact with me.

Well, I was grateful enough to spend time writing this, which is something I hardly do.

(I will try to upload a picture when I get some time as it really does look impressive)

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