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Digital camera for 6 year old

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 31-Mar-14 11:48:07

My DD has decided she's grown out of her Kiddizoom (the pictures were such rubbish quality and it had no flash and the batteries lasted such a short time, I'm actually quite glad). She wants a 'proper' camera for her birthday so I wondered if any of you could recommend one?

Criteria are: not too pricey (up to about fifty quid), rechargeable inbuilt battery, controls not too fiddly and complicated for a six year old. Oh and DD's only stipulation is that it's definitely not pink.

I've been searching on Amazon but got really frustrated because I had to look at the full description to find out about batteries (and often even then left none the wiser) so a recommendation would save my sanity. Thank you!

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