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Best Cheap Laptop - MS Office compatible

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PavlovtheCat Tue 25-Feb-14 20:51:35

The power supply on my Apple Macbook has broken. It's the third one, and I don't want to buy another one. It's an older Macbook, lasted well but definitely in the last phase of it's life. Might have to finally accept it's time for a new computer and not chuck more money at the power supply as they are not cheap.

I DH have another macbook air, but it doesn't have MS Office on it. I bought it specifically for the other computer when we only had one, so didn't buy multiple keys for it, just one.

So, in the absence of buying a new macbook, I just need a simple, basic laptop that doesn't do huge fancy things. I just need it to have a good Word package (ideally not vista!) so I can use Office. As cheap as possible while retaining good functionality of Office (word in particular). I know I could just buy Word for this working Macbook but would prefer not to as it's not got huge amounts of space on it.

What should I buy?

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