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Travel advice for overnight train needed

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Wahnee1042 Mon 13-Jan-14 08:50:32

I really need some help to find a product that I can use for an overnight journey on the eurostar. It's about 9 hours but as it's overnight I would like baby to sleep. He will be 8 months nearly when we come back and he is a long boy. I would ideally like something that means I can have my hands free but him be on my lap. I'm not good with slings (not sure if it's my shape or I'm just a bit cack handed) so not sure if this is an option.

Any help greatly received as it will be a long night for all on the train and a long day for us on the other end if we can't get him to sleep.

Many thanks

lentilpot Wed 12-Mar-14 19:13:12

No experience of this, but I've seen this advertised for planes? Might be worth researching?

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