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To epilate or not to epilate?

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PodeTheBogeySlayer Tue 03-Sep-13 23:09:48

Can anyone recommend a good epilator? Want to give it a try instead of shelling out so much for waxing but don't know if it is a) more painful, b) worth paying more for a better one or c) time consuming?

Anyone got any recommendations? By the way, should mention that I'm too much of a chicken to wax my own legs so if it is painful there's no way ill actually do it myself so it'll be just another electrical beauty item that remains unloved and unused in the wardrobe like my Babyliss 'Tousle waver', curling wand and gas powered straighteners - although have discovered the latter are good for doing my fringe.

Many thanks x

AFishWithoutABicycle Tue 03-Sep-13 23:13:04

It hurts like a mo-fo. I do it but I have a high pain threshold but its much more painful than waxing IMO. I use a babyliss.

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