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"hot lips" dummy

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drjanel Sun 25-Aug-13 10:54:18

I'm very interested to know everyone's thoughts on this dummy on sale at Paperchase, ebay and various internet sites?

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Sun 25-Aug-13 10:57:46

I think it is absolutely hideous and I have no idea why anyone would buy such a thing.


MoreSnowPlease Sun 25-Aug-13 11:03:52


drjanel Mon 26-Aug-13 14:31:42

I've been writing to vendors on Ebay to complain and been informed that I have "weird ideas" and I "need to not over react to things that are not there and stop looking for danger lurking in every corner.Theres already enough problems in the world without you needing to find more where they simply do not exist.This is a child's dummy for goodness sake,nothing more and the advert wording was just copied from the packaging that comes with the dummy" Glad you agree with me!!! I've have written to Paperchase too. I find this product deeply disturbing, please can you spread the word and complain???

I think it's vile. I don't see any reason to complain personally - it's an ugly product. People buy ugly tasteless shit all the time.

PearlyWhites Mon 26-Aug-13 14:46:41

It is ugly but not disturbing/sexual just don't buy one if you don't like it.

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