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Baby float swimsuit advice please

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Mond Fri 09-Aug-13 08:21:18

Hi we are going t a French farmhouse with a pool next week. I have three children but due to a recent incident I Sam paranoid about my 12 month old baby falling in and want her to wear a buoyancy aid at allntimes ( we will of course be way. Ching her at all times but I wanT extra reassurance).

I've been reading reviews on those float suits that are costumes with built in floats around the waist but loads of people have said they are useless and your kid just tips upside down in them.

Has anyone had experience of these good or bad or please can a hone recommend ome thing else? Those swim jackets don't seem to start til age 2 and are not recommended for babies.

I have found one of those suits with a great neck floatntomstopmnaby going under but it's £45.

Can anyone please recommend something


FrussoHathor Sat 10-Aug-13 04:26:13

I think you'd need to be searching for life jackets rather than swimming aids.

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