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Cantaloop Nursing Bra & Support band

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afromum Tue 14-May-13 16:53:00

Hey ladies, this review is for the Cantaloop support band and cantaloop nursing bra. I was sent them as part of a competition win from mumsnet towards the end of my pregnancy and boy was I happy! I suffered from SPD from about week 34 and support band came just at the right time. I would wear it everyday under my maternity jeans and I would comfortably forget I had it on until I was getting undressed at the end of the day. It didn't feel like another layer which is what I liked and in the winter months it went towards keeping me warm smile. The fabric was lovely and soft but tight enough to be supportive. I found it made only a slight difference to my SPD but helped with the heavy feeling you get when you're walking about. I also wore it to yoga and it made doing squats more comfortable.

The nursing bra was the first bra I wore post birth and I didn't realise how good it was till I bought a few others. I tried a Royce and Mothercare one and I found the Cantaloop to be far superior for its purpose for the following reasons

1. The latch that allows you to feed and still have the bra on is ingenious. Not only is it faff-free and easy to open and close but it is free of the annoying extra fabric you get when you adjust the straps.

2. This bra was very well thought out design wise. The main part of the bra provides good support and moulds to your breast. It is seam free so no itching

3. The fabric is perfect for the purpose. When I started breastfeeding my nipples were on fire for the first 2 weeks and the fabric didn't irritate my nipples like the other heavy cotton bras I had bought. The fabric is also great because my breasts changed size and shape throughout the day and the bra seemed to mould to fit. Being seam free made it very comfortable to wear and the fact it wasn't too much fabric made it easy to use when nursing. My cotton Royce bra was fabric heavy and meant I kept having to roll and tuck the flap under itself when I wanted to feed my baby. This wasn't great for when she was upset and I wanted to be quick.

4. It's great for breastfeeding in public as some of the fabric of the bra covers the top of your breast so you're not completely exposed. Although I still drape a blanket over myself for modesty. But if the blanket were to slip I know the bra covers me somewhat.

My only criticism of this bra is that a little more support for bigger busted ladies is a must. They could consider some silver threading at the base and breastbone part of the bra to provide some added support.

Apart from that I love this bra and have already purchasing another for while one is in the wash. I'm glad I got it as part of a competition as I think I might have dismissed it simply because I didn't recognise the brand otherwise. Now I've been enlightened smile

I hope this helps you if you're considering getting it


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