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What's an MP3 Player?

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janpa Sun 28-Apr-13 20:31:27

I'm very behind with modern technology. My car has a USB port which is to plug in an ipod but am not sure if I can plug an MP3 player into it. I tried downloading a single track onto my Samsung phone today and then using the lead which I connect it to the computer and put it into this USB port in the car but it didn't play out of the stereo, but don't know if it just wouldn't or if I was doing something wrong. So, basically, is an MP3 player the same as an ipod? They seem considerably cheaper. Should I be able to use my phone as a way of getting downloaded music into the car? If I want to play downloaded music into the car must it be an ipod or can I use an MP3 player? Do I need one shaped like a memory stick or use a lead to connect it?
Argh! confused

chocoluvva Mon 29-Apr-13 13:24:24

I'm also "very behind with modern technology" but, my teenagers explained this one to me: anything beginning with i is an apple brand of whichever gadget it is. An ipod is apple's MP3 player.

DS is scornful of apple on the grounds of expense and incompatibility with other brands.

I think your MP3 player should work in your car. DD's Samsung was plugged into our car and eventually played. DH had two cables though and it took ages of fiddling about. It was playing according to the car's display, but we couldn't hear it. Sorry this isn't more helpful. Try the 'Geeks corner' forum (on MN).

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