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Stairgate that doesn't require drilling into wall?

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Faybells Sun 31-Mar-13 09:43:14

Our stairgate at top of stairs has come away from the wall for the 4th time - not sure if its bad DIY or something to do with the wall. Either way, the wall crumbles away around the fixings and there is no longer any safe way of trying to secure it again.

I have had a look online but wondered if anyone has any recommendations of stairgates that get around this problem. I'm having trouble finding ones that don't involve drilling into wall but surely they must be out there?

Any tips welcomed smile

My DS is currently confined to one room upstairs with a portable door barrier. Doing well so far and wonder if this is the way forward. But he is getting frustrated in there and hope to have a stair gate in place soon!

Thank you all

Chocaholics Sun 31-Mar-13 09:45:56

I have a couple of linden stair gates that aren't drilled into the wall. At the sides they have bits coming out that you tighten against the wall and the pressure holds them in place. I have had to take them off a few times and we haven't got any marks on the wall so maybe have a look at them?

Faybells Sun 31-Mar-13 10:39:55

Thanks chocoholics. I am looking into these now! X

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