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Scooters: Micro Sprite or Maxi Micro?

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vess Wed 13-Mar-13 15:43:34

The Maxi Micro will probably give you a smoother, softer ride, because, like the Mini Micro, it has some suspension built in.
However, if you are going to spend that much, I'd consider the Rocket one - the one with the thicker wheels. It is supposed to be easier to ballance but still 2 wheels if you want to encourage coordination.

feetheart Wed 20-Feb-13 22:44:14

We wobbled a bit too, both when we bought the Mini and again with the Maxi. My rational was that it would last until he was at least 12 and as he got it for his 5th birthday that was 7yrs. Divide £90+ by 7 and it seems a lot more reasonable - that was how I sold it to myself anyway!
Even better if you have a younger one on stand-by if your DD doesn't get on with it though chances are you may be buying him one too smile

FairyPenguin Wed 20-Feb-13 08:57:17

Thanks feetheart, I was leaning towards the Maxi but it's a lot more expensive and I didn't know whether it was worth the extra! They do look very cool, and so do the helmets! I have a younger DS as well so I was thinking that he could always use it when he's older if she doesn't get on with it...

feetheart Wed 20-Feb-13 08:50:34

I'd go for the Maxi Micro if that is what she is used to and she struggles a bit with her balance/confidence.

DS (7) went from Mini to Maxi over 2 years ago and it is still used just as much - to and from school every day plus w/e and holidays. He is too confident and physically very coordinated but has shown no desire at all for a 2-wheeled scooter.
Initially he was the only one with a Maxi but we are noticing more and more around now.
They are also Very Cool smile

FairyPenguin Wed 20-Feb-13 08:42:47

DD (6yo) has outgrown her Mini Micro scooter as she's too tall, so want to buy her a bigger one, but don't know which to go for.

Micro Sprite with 2 wheels:

Maxi Micro with 3 wheels:

I think the Sprite would be better as it looks like all the older children ultimately use 2-wheelers, but DD's balance and confidence on her scooter isn't as good as most children her age. She stops using her feet on the ground and not using the brake, won't go down any hills unless her foot is touching the ground (or virtually).

She can't really ride a bike because she hates building up any speed and wobbles a lot when turning and overbalances, so the bike (balance bike) comes out of the shed about once a month if we're lucky.

She said she prefers her scooter to her bike, and we want to encourage her to use one of them, but don't want to end up buying something else that sits in the shed unused as she gives up every time she tries.

Is the 2-wheeler too difficult to use if you have little balance and scared of speeds? Or is it actually easier to learn with and control?


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