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Tablet help

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rhondajean Fri 23-Nov-12 19:08:30

The Samsung galaxy is supposed to be good.

I read on here earlier the 7 inch one is on offer at carphonewarehouse warehouse. It's £149 but you get £30 cashback (you do have to post away for it though). If that's right it's a great price as I know someone just bought it in currys for £199 with the cashback.

jollymollie Fri 23-Nov-12 16:29:14

Can anyone suggest the best tablet I can get for my dd who is 7. She is always using my phone for playing games/reading books so this is what it would mainly be for. I would like it to have access to most of the apps in the Google store. I would prefer a 10 inch but would be okay with a 7. Have had a look at the Nexus but that is a bit too expensive. Looking to spend up to about £120. Can anyone suggest anything that is not the Kindle Fire or Nexus. I know there's loads of cheapies out there but haven't a clue if they are any good or not. Thanks.

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