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Personalised Christmas cards ideas

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jjbingo Thu 15-Nov-12 08:59:25

Hi all,

I want to make (or have made) some Christmas cards that are personalised with my little one's photo in some way. Last year I bought blank cards and stuck a photo of my daughter on the front. It was a little tacky so I wanted to do something a little more special this year. To my horror, personalising cards online using Moonpig and similar cost ££££. It's like £2 - £3 PER CARD, even if you by in bulk. I want to send around 30 Christmas cards this year. Does anyone have any good suggestions on what I could do? Perhaps you know of any good websites or places to buy personalised cards or maybe you make your own?



Awakeagain Thu 15-Nov-12 20:55:41

My sister took photos if my nephew in his ball pool surrounded by just red and green balls
She got one if those cards where you can slide a photo in and it hand a Christmassy border on it - looked nice!
We got wedding thankyou cards done in a similar way (not in a ball pool though) from Costco
Try some where like photo box or other photo retailers online as think you can get cards much cheaper than the moon pig ones

pinkposey Thu 15-Nov-12 21:00:28

My son is almost two years. I brought some red paint and some green paints (I don't know what kind, like squirty paints in tubes) and put them in two dishes and then we finger painted (just put splodges really!) with both on little white pieces of card. Then I stuck our created cards on red cardboard and folded in half and put in red envelopes. Midway through our painting session when he was covered in paint and looking quite cute indeed I took photos, and a couple are really nice (and they are color coordinated with the cards and with Xmas :-)) and I'm going to enclose a copy of a photo with each card. It was easy but they look pretty good. Now I just have to write them and this is the bit I get stuck at every year! :-)

Awakeagain Thu 15-Nov-12 23:45:39

Pinterest has loads of cards on
My ds is only 19 days old and I'm planning on a green footprint upside down with a little brown stuck drawn - ta da Christmas tree

PuggyMum Thu 15-Nov-12 23:56:24

Join vistaprint mailing list. I get loads of free Xmas card emails. I do one of my dogs each year! blush

MrsJ0nes Sat 17-Nov-12 10:51:32

I used vistaprint last year and the quality was good. They were a bit pricey though, so I wonder if anyone has found anywhere cheaper?

Taketime Wed 21-Nov-12 06:30:56

Try a company called "Pecographe". They do bespoke cards which are reasonably priced and absolutely stunning.

Taketime Wed 21-Nov-12 06:34:27

Try a company called "Pecographe". They do bespoke cards for all ocassioms and are reasonably priced and absolutely stunning.

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