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BMX brands for 7 year old

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bacon Wed 03-Oct-12 11:29:43

A mad 7 year old, birthday coming up. Daddy wants to get him a BMX so he can learn some skills here on yard.

Brands are confusing. There are a few bike shops but no specialist bmx stores around here and so the bike stores only carry a certain brand.

Cuda (barracuda), muddyfox and Haro have popped up. I have budget £200.

Needs to take a hammering.

Any feedback appreciated.

Stripy1 Thu 13-Dec-12 16:49:02

every one i know who bought their child a BMX at this age is now looking to buy a normal bike instead, and selling on their BMX. Mainly for the reason that the length of the bike is so much longer and so is not as comfy to ride. BMX are designed as stunt bikes rather than road or everyday bikes and are not really meant to be sat on but for the rider to stand whilst doing tricks? Also with no gears they are not as easy to ride any distance. So my thoughts would be to try and buy a second hand one so you don't blow a fortune to find that your husbands dreams are a few years to early and your son just wants a normal bike.

just a thought. Sorry this is sounding so negative /emo/tch/9.gif

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