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my kindle is broken. how do i return it?

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mumnosGOLDisbest Sat 04-Aug-12 00:50:04

The power switch on my 6 month old kindle is broken/faulty but dh didnt keep the receipt. Ive got an amazon account. Can i return it?

Horopu Sat 04-Aug-12 00:50:42

What does the amazon website say?

Horopu Sat 04-Aug-12 00:51:02

Where did you buy it?

DiscoDaisy Sat 04-Aug-12 00:51:56

The best thing to do would be to contact Amazon customer services.
I go on the Amazon Kindle forum and Amazon customer services are spoken of very highly on there!

WandaDoff Sat 04-Aug-12 00:55:50

HERE , this may help. Amazon are usually pretty good about Kindle probs. smile

Ring the Kindle customer services - they're very helpful. You shouldn't need a receipt as your Amazon account will show when it was purchased/registered.

mumnosGOLDisbest Sat 04-Aug-12 01:13:26

Thanks. It was a gift from dh but know he bought it instore not online. I havent looked on amazon yet, was just pondering been way to busy on MN thanks wandadoff for the link and others too for such speedy replies x

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