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Laura Ashley sofas

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colonycath Fri 20-Jan-12 19:28:33

I'm agonising over buying a new sofa. I really like the Laura Ashley Kendal and Fairmont sofas, but have read such mixed reviews on the web and have seen varied comments here. People have talked about them being creaky, the cushions sagging quickly and generally being poorly constructed. Others have said they are really great. I'm wondering if there has been a recent deterioration in quality? If you have a Laura Ashley sofa, I'd be really grateful for your views. It would also be helpful if you could tell me how recently you bought it. The sale is coming to an end soon, so I need to make a decision!

oohermrs Fri 20-Jan-12 19:48:22

Can't answer about sofas but I recently bought a dressing table from the Laura Ashley official ebay store - you collect from their warehouse in Milton Keynes (so sorry if you live in Scotland or Cornwall not that handy!) Anyway non sale price was £1000, sale price £500 I bought it for £250 and the guys at the warehouse said it was just a return nothing wrong with it. They had loads of different current sofas - its open daily to visit before you buy, so if you do live within distance of MK its probably worth going to have a look.

MadameCastafiore Fri 20-Jan-12 19:52:21

We have 2 LA sofas and a sofabed and I would say steer clear.

colonycath Fri 20-Jan-12 22:00:51

Thanks oohermrs...I do live in Scotland. Typical eh?
MadameCastafiore - can you give more details please? What was wrong with yours? When were they bought?

1980smummy Sun 01-Apr-12 22:28:43

I just bought two sofas from Laura Ashley and they are AWFUL. The seat pads are really I derisory and they have been a nightmare to deal with. My twelve year old LA sofas which these replaced are better and so in my opinion the quality is woefully deteriorated. The seat pads are not foam and they are not supportive and the pads compress very easily. They have to be continually plumped and even then they only stay comfy for half an hour, if that. I will never ever buy another sofa from LA or recommend them to anyone. Avoid !! Try NEXT, we are going to replace our 7 month old LA sofas with next ones, machine how gutted we are!

jaype Fri 13-Apr-12 17:40:53

Agree - rubbish composite cushions. They're actually quite comfy now we have broken them in, but they look like malformed shite and plumping them into their original state is impossible. The sofa has been ours for approx 6 months... We are going to have new fillings made from foam once we get round to it. Bought another sofa from a local store for half the price at the same time and it is excellent - looks like it's never seen a bottom, despite constant use. I really, really expected better from LA owing to their price. PS. And their duvet covers are also crummy - six months of use and looks like a dishrag. Pah!

suzie1234 Sat 23-Mar-13 11:45:30

Bought a Laura Ashley ebay store item and have to collect from Milton Keynes , but they're only open until 4pm, closed Fridays and you HAVE TO GIVE 24 HRS NOTICE to arrange collection!!!

This is a very rigid collection service and found the team not helpful at all when trying to pick up my item, as ebay did not send confirmation of my purchase.

I will not use Laura Ashley Milton Keynes outlet ever again.

starkfraser Mon 29-Feb-16 20:56:47

Bought a sofa based on the advice of the store manager (a Worcester branch) that we would be able to wash the loose covers. We washed them and they shrank and streaked beyond use. We then double-checked the cushion covers for Care Instructions (there aren't any - despite Laura Ashley telling us repeatedly that there are) and their website (clear message that the intrinsic advantage of loose covers is that they can be washed) and their customer care line (argumentative and kept missing the point). They've charged us £64.50 for replacement cushion covers and remain adamant that we are at fault. Their shambolic response includes the rather brilliant line - "Our store managers are not furniture specialists".

BunnyTyler Mon 29-Feb-16 21:08:57


ConkersDontScareSpiders Tue 01-Mar-16 06:58:43

We had a LA sofa-it was awful.Cushions out of shape within 6 months and looked dreadful no matter what we tried.I would say avoid!

wannabestressfree Tue 01-Mar-16 07:03:04

Hate to say it but DFS are the nuts.....

Auntygirl Tue 13-Sep-16 13:54:21

Just in case anyone is considering buying a LA sofa DONT, after 6 weeks mine was still brilliant with the exception of the fabric which had drawn every mark etc to it, even had Guardsman put on from new made no difference what so ever, complete waste of money looks like i have had them for 10 years already!!!!

Floggingmolly Tue 13-Sep-16 13:57:35

I opened this thread and a DFS advert immediately blazed across the top of the screen hmm. What's that about?

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