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Super Christening gift!

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janecurran Thu 13-Oct-11 09:24:56

I found this great gift idea at My sister was absolutely thrilled, said it was the best thing a new Godmother could give. They send a tree grown in a pot, all decorated with ribbons and confetti but more importantly with an engraved plant marker that you can say something meaningful on. I sent a Wild Cherry tree with "Grow up together in beauty and love" engraved. It comes with a card as well, and planting instructions. Its soooo much nicer than another silver frame as it will grow with her and last forever. I'm thrilled to have started out so well as a Godmother! Oh, they cost £25-£30 including delivery.

PaschaTheSlasher Thu 13-Oct-11 09:32:55

Or you could buy a tree from the garden centre and plant it in the ground where it belongs for about a tenner. And a card for a pound.

Job done. No expensive tat necessary.

janecurran Thu 13-Oct-11 09:36:37

Oh you do plant them out. She's having a planting ceremony with it. And the enraving makes it special to her. You could write a message on a plastic marker I suppose but its not the same.

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