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Basic Mobile phone with Internet for DH

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lynniep Mon 03-Oct-11 09:44:31

DH is terrible with technology, and I just nicked the new phone he got with his new contract (I'm a bad bad wifey, but then he doesnt NEED a smartphone and I most certainly do lol!)

He currently has the best type of phone for him, which is a very basic nokia with real buttons. He very rarely uses it - and hasnt quite figured out how to send a text message yet (or so he says)


he has free MB on his new contract and wants to be able to access a few websites.

So I want to get him a cheap phone (off ebay probably) that has buttons (ie not touchscreen - that freaks him out too much) and has a big enough screen so he can access the internet on it. It doesnt need any other bells and whistles although it will probably have them. It needs to be USER FRIENDLY!!

Any recommendations very welcome smile

lynniep Mon 03-Oct-11 14:01:45

bump smile

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