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I need a new toaster.

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LynetteScavo Sun 02-Oct-11 17:08:17

Have you seen how many toasters there are on the market?

How's a women to choose?

ClaimedByMe Sun 02-Oct-11 17:10:27

I needed one too as between ds6 and dp30 they blew my old one up making a basic slice of toast - i opted for the tesco value £4.49 as i fear they will sabotage it!

Wigeon Sun 02-Oct-11 17:11:47

Having got through several cheapo toasters we decided to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a Dualit. And don't regret it for a second. Use it all the time, still works like new, plan never ever to buy another toaster.

LynetteScavo Sun 02-Oct-11 18:14:28

I knew someone would say Dualit! I'm trying really hard not to over spend to save this month....think a mid range one would be wiser atm.

The last one was really cheep in a sale, but didn't toast evenly. I want evenly toasted toast.

Wigeon Sun 02-Oct-11 19:22:14

Dualit = evenly toasted toast every time.

Maybe just don't have a cappuccino for the next, er 50 years? grin

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