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does anyone know of a compact electric steam steriliser?

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lizandlulu Tue 27-Sep-11 14:46:15

just a thought as we are going abroad and really dont want to use the cold water sterilising system and didnt want to have to take our bulky tomee tipee steriliser so was wondering if there is a more compact one around?

DrSeuss Tue 27-Sep-11 20:54:10

Personally, I went with a camping bucket and Milton tablets. Takes 15 mins to sterilise a bucket full, solution lasts 24 hrs.

wonkylegs Tue 27-Sep-11 21:02:35

Have you access to a microwave ... We always used these whilst away
you can get other makes
They are great and tiny in luggage

lizandlulu Tue 27-Sep-11 21:37:36

wonkylegs i am not sure if we do, nothings booked so are undecided weather to stay in hotel or apartment. either way would have to double check.
i have used those before actually and had completely forgot about them!

drseuss do the milton tablets leave a greasy film? do they make the teats taste different? i took sterilising tablets 5 years ago when i had dd1 and felt they didnt get the bottles clean.

DrSeuss Wed 28-Sep-11 15:06:31

We washed them in hot, soapy water first, then soaked them. They have a faint smell but this is entirely normal and you musn't rinse them. DD (3.5 months) didn't seem to care. Boiled water twice in a kettle, made up bottles.

lizandlulu Wed 28-Sep-11 15:59:50

ok thank you, might have a trial run at home before we gosmile

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