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I need a new mobile phone.

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AandK Thu 22-Sep-11 19:37:52

Really I need a new smart phone.

Last year I had a lovely samsung pixon. I loved it but it was a bit battered and the screen was badly scratched (Ivdidn't know that you could get silicone covers for the screen at the time). My supervisor offered to sell me his old blackberry so I thought great.

I hate it!!! Its rubbish!! The camera is pap, if I've got anything on my hands the rollerball sticks! For ages!! Even after wiping it! When I've taken pictures I have to move them from different folders just so that can upload them on to the pc. GRRR I HATE IT

So what do I get? I'm not on contract because my simplicity is much cheaper. I only have about £100 budget but obviously I don't mind buying second hand. I just want something that is good and reliable and I have no interest in trying another blackberry Xx

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