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Fans and keeping my baby cool

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samoliverknott Tue 13-Sep-11 14:54:51

My partner and I are planning to move to the South of France in April due to my work commitments. Obviously it will be coniderably warmer there then it is in Wiltshire!

I wanted to know what other parents do to keep their kids cool, either at night, in the cot or during the day on a pram. I could buy a mini or clip on fans for about £10, but I they don't look very durable and of course I mostly concerned about the moving blades being scary and/or dangerous.

I have seen those Dyson fans that don't have any blades, but they cost £250, which I certainly can't afford!

Has anyone got any advice or can suggest some baby friendly fans? Are there any other fans like the Dyson one that isn't so expensive?


Debs75 Tue 13-Sep-11 14:56:54

If you are using a fan with a baby/toddler then make sure the air isn't blowing on to the babies face as it dries them up IYSWIM and can cause them to get colds. Aim it behind their heads or over their bodies to cool the air around them.
If you posistion the fan away then they shouldn't be able to get at the blades

Risette Tue 13-Sep-11 15:09:38


I'm in the South of France. My dd is 7 months old.

I try not to use air conditioning / fans if possible.

I have electric blinds on the windows so make sure that these are closed in the baby's room during the day. However, her room is north facing so it hasn't been an issue.

I also got a parasol for the pram. I've not had to use anything else really, I just make sure she's in the shade. At night though I do have a mosquito net over the cot.....that's been essential.

samoliverknott Thu 15-Sep-11 09:33:53

Thanks guys,

So it appears that most of you think fans and/or AC units are a bad idea. I know that both can dry out the skin but thought that maybe the bladeless one didn't? I don't know though, no expert, but they look pretty!

I guess with a pram parasol and the air moving over the pram will be enough to keep her cool. At night, I am concerned still though, as we won't have A/C. I don't know about windows or the direction that our bedroom might face.

I havn't seen anyone use a fan on a pram, but it was just a thought, i'm very new to all this, new baby, new job, new country, all a bit daunting!

MmeLindor. Thu 15-Sep-11 10:11:07

We live near Geneva, so similar temperatures.

Don't bother with fans or air conditioning. Do what the locals do - as Risette says.

Important is to shut the windows and shutters during the day - this is why most of the houses in warmer climates have shutters outside the window. Curtains block the sun but the warmth comes through the window so are not so good.

In early morning and late evening, open windows and doors wide, best is if you can get a draught going right through the house, to exchange the warmer air for cooler air.

Then shut everything up until it cools down again

It does depend where you are a bit, if you are in a town then there is not so much wind to cool you down, a hillside village will be breezier and cooler.

We notice a marked difference downstairs, as the balcony shadows the window so keeping more heat off.

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