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childs plate set that is in a container .

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Rosa Mon 05-Sep-11 13:23:25

DD2 is starting a pre school and here ( Italy) they have to take plate/bowl, fork , spoon and cup . The council have banned plastic bags as, in past all stuff after eating was placed in bag and then in rucksack to take home to be washed.
We have various plates and bowls think ikea child size and a couple of disney sets but other than a tupperware kind of box I have no idea what to put them all in. The a tupperware box will not fit in the rucksack ( childs one).
Has anybody seen anything that fits into a plastic box or comes as a set ?
The lunchbox divided sets are not really an alternative as they want to encourage children to 'eat normally' IYKWIM.
THanks in advance.

AWimbaWay Mon 05-Sep-11 18:09:20

Although no cup, you could just put in one set.

What do the other children do?

Rosa Tue 06-Sep-11 12:53:34

ooh thanks that looks good. Its all new this year as in past years the teachers just put the stuff in a plastic bag and in the rucksack. I have found a lunchbag with a smooth interior that would be easy to wipe down or even wash that I might use to start off with but seeing as its a 3 year thing would like to have some back ups.

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