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your baby can read?

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Bella2010star Tue 23-Aug-11 22:42:46

Just wondered of anyone has used this product I am wondering whether it is worth investing in for my daughter who is 2.

winnybella Tue 23-Aug-11 22:48:21

I haven't used it, but having looked at the website I would say it's a scam.

Just read books to her, play with blocks with letters on them etc etc. No need for a 2yo to know how to read and I very much doubt generations of children that went without dr. Tipzer or whatever his name is's invention suffered stunted development hmm

Seriously, it's a scam.

Bella2010star Tue 23-Aug-11 23:02:43

yeah thought so thanks will continue to keep on reading with her myself as I also have concern over the fact that schools teach reading in a completely different way. I suppose I just worry as I know I found it difficult to read when I was younger so do not want her to have the same experience.

TheBusyMumster Mon 12-Sep-11 17:33:08

Actually, I was given these as a gift from a friend and I would say they are great in helping with communication when the child is non-verbal. Reading well that is another story. My DS is now over 2 and whilst he loves "reading", I think as far as actual skill, there is no difference between my DS who is older and didn't have this and the youngest. I would say the same as the person above, just spend time reading and repeating things over and over and the child will get it.

I would also like to say though, I did send these to my sister in law who works with children who are deaf and children with learning and communication difficulties and she has said she has seen a great improvement in her pupils. So I guess it would depend on the circumstances of the child.

Good luck.

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