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Cups and beakers

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alysonpeaches Sun 14-Aug-11 15:05:33

These drive me insane. We have children from 2-8 and have a large collection of tommee tippee easiflo beakers with spouts which also fit the concave straw lid. The spouts are now obsolete and we need some new cups as they are getting worn.

We have tried Amadeus, didnt like it. We dont get on that well with sports bottles as the younger end tend to leave the valve open and it spills. Can anyone please recommend a range of cups that converts from spout to straw that hasnt got an unhygenic valve that collects dirt and crap in the drinking bit, oh and it needs to go in the dishwasher. We use the spouted bits for juice and the straw bit for milk. I would like to get all 4 children the same type but different colours. I am including the 8 year old as he has special needs and uses a spouted cup still. As you can guess with 4 children and carpets, non spill is a priority.

MayDayChild Sun 14-Aug-11 16:11:35

I am hunting out sistema which have an excellent reputation. There's 3 sizes and loads of colours but I do want to see one first but haven't got to Lakeland yet!

alysonpeaches Sun 14-Aug-11 22:53:02

Thanks thats another one to try!

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