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HELP!!! Have you received a beautiful and thoughtful...

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PIMSoclock Fri 29-Jul-11 07:24:34

Chritening/baptism gift for a baby girl???
If so, what was it? Am godmother and want to get something super special and thoughtful!
Any suggestion appreciated, thanks!!!

TeddyBear55 Fri 29-Jul-11 07:26:54

Try notonthehighstreet. They have the best personalised gifts for christening/baptism. DD had some lovely art for her bedroom from there.

PIMSoclock Fri 29-Jul-11 07:29:06

Thanks a million, will look now!! grin

fifipink Fri 29-Jul-11 07:31:51

I received some lovely bookends for my daughter's nursery. And some books to go in them. The bookends were personalised with my daughters name. Were a present from the godparents and I met them while studying English lit at uni, so to me a v special gift.

PIMSoclock Fri 29-Jul-11 07:44:16

Aww fifi, that's a lovely thought! smile

HoneyDuke Fri 29-Jul-11 07:48:28

A rose with the same name as the child

PIMSoclock Fri 29-Jul-11 22:21:58

Silver jewellery as a keep sake?
Something she could wear on her wedding day?? The something old perhaps???

EdithWeston Fri 29-Jul-11 22:28:29

I actually like the random items in silver (eg from Links) that tend to turn up.

Presents we've actually used are classic books (try nice editions of eg Narnia) and a little pot for the tooth fairy - it seemed rather pointless when it turned up, but you can then tell your child later to leave it beside the bed and you don't have to fossick around under a sleeping child's head for a minute object! And they come to love using them.

EdithWeston Fri 29-Jul-11 22:32:50

Further to my last, you could also check that she's equipped with a prayer book and Bible.

And (check with parents what others are doing), a plain bracelet with one charm on it (or her initials and a cross), then you're all set up for adding charms as birthday and Christmas presents as the years go by. If you can find charms that have special significance to her life events, by the time she reaches majority, she'll have a well-stocked one that is unique and personal.

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