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Toddler sleeping bags - any advice?

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dycey Wed 27-Jul-11 07:27:44

my son isn't getting on very well with a duvet - tends to get claustrophobic under it and gets on top but then wakes me up... So I have been dressing him extra warm but it's really hard to regulate his temperature like this. Last night I think he got too hot!

So I want to go back to sleeping bags but I am wondering if the merino ones would be big enough (they say 2-4 years) because they look really light and unrestrictive.

The grobag ones are for 3-6 years but I have to buy each of the different togs.... They are thicker and more restrictive but maybe have a longer life if they are longer.

Does anyone know how big the merino ones really are? They say 119cm. Or can help me by telling me the measurement of the grobag ones? They say the child can be 116cm.

Any advice much welcomed......

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