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Electronic journal/diary

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moochima Wed 20-Jul-11 11:11:07

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on this?

I really want a 'diary' that I can run like a paper journal with photos etc - a way of bringing together all the snippets of family life that get lost by the wayside (I'm pretty rubbish at this sort of thing but my 9 year old asks so many questions that I can't remember! that I thought I'd try to get on top of things now . . .).

Any ideas? Have googled and am trying a mac-journal thing on trial but seems to be over-complicated . . . I do have an i-phone but haven't found an app that offers something similar. I want to manage it from my desktop.

Thanks in anticipation!

Bella2010star Fri 22-Jul-11 23:18:16

best one I have found is the travel diary app it is the only one that I found that allows me to upload photographs then you can send them across to your computer via a wifi link basically is sends you to a temporary web address which you can copy the stuff from. Have mine on my iphone which is great when you are on the move happy journaling.

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