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Portable/in-car DVD player and DVDs (for a 2.8yr old) - recommendations please!

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southfacingpuddles Thu 14-Jul-11 11:43:15

We are driving miles through France in August, and our boy has never liked being in the car. I am hoping that our saving grace will be a DVD player in the car.

Does anyone have any tips/recommendations for which one to get? We will ony be using it in the car, not on planes or anything, and so I'm guessing the strap-on-to-the-headrest one is the type I need.

Are there any obvious pitfalls, or really bad makes/shops to avoid? And what about headphones? Can he just use normal over-the-head headphones (presumably yes, he is a human, but just wondering if you're meant to have special quiet ones or something)

And any tips for DVDs which your similar-aged child likes? He likes CBeebies (obviously) and used to love Ivor the Engine (it's very funny, if a little bit old-fashioned...) but I'd love something a little bit more interesting than CBeebies re-runs if anyone had any ideas!

So, any advice gratefully received.


southfacingpuddles Sun 17-Jul-11 20:59:04


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