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Which Ipod should I buy for a 9 year old?

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hmc Thu 07-Jul-11 11:54:58

That's it really - am a bit clueless. Also a sound dock? Cheers

silverfrog Thu 07-Jul-11 11:58:04

how careful a 9 year old, and what budget?

ideally what would you want the 9 year old to be able to do (or not)?

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-11 11:59:57

I got DS2 (9.5 ta the time) an iPod touch. Mainly because I wanted to stop him using my iPhone. Before that he had a Nano which I don't think he used much - he isn't really into listening to music yet.

Ingles2 Thu 07-Jul-11 12:01:08

my 11yr old has a ipod touch which he loves, mainly because he saved for a long time to buy it... that might be out of your price range, and I can't help on others...
but I can help with the dock
we bought him amethyst ghost
it also comes in different colours or shaped like a pig!
it is fantastic! the sound quality is great even when up loud. it's easy to use and it has a nice blue glow underneath.
We have a couple of other docks in our house... a really expensive bose one and a jbl one which cost about £100.... the ghost is nearly a good as the Bose! for £40!
Can't recommend it enough,.

hmc Thu 07-Jul-11 12:01:28

She is reasonably careful (as 9 year old's go). Unlikely to break it, possibly likely to lose it since they've got really tiny now haven't they?

I would want her to be able to download itunes onto it but with parental supervision so that she doesn't spend a fortune.

Budget - not too price sensitive

silverfrog Thu 07-Jul-11 12:02:53

if budget and temperament suit I owuld always say an itouch. they are fab. and so versatile (and bloody useful in cars/on planes etc)

my girls are too little to own an ipod (6 and 4), but have full use of mine, and have had for years - first got it when dd1 was under 4, and dd2 was 2. never had a problem with them using it.

am now very envy as dd1 has her own ipad (school supplied)

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-11 12:05:11

I think that if you want her to download straight from iTunes then you need an iTouch.

I've simply not told DSs the password to the account so they can't do it without me.

silverfrog Thu 07-Jul-11 12:06:07

itunes goes onto the computer, and the ipod syncs via that. you can buy straight to an ipod touch, but you can also disable this, I believe.

don't now re: settign limits on accounts, as I do all the buying on mine. must be possible. or get ehr to buy via itunes gift cards, not via card (but you'll need a card linked to the itunes account)

itouch not too small - not easy to lose (although I have managed it myself - I have one lost in my house somewhere angry - tidying up might help with that! blush)

hmc Thu 07-Jul-11 12:07:34

Blimey - you are all very knowledgeable. Thanks guys

SuburbanDream Thu 07-Jul-11 12:09:54

Is it just for music or does she want games etc? I got DS1 an ipod touch recently and he loves it - plays music on it but mostly uses it for games, many of them are free. You can also get youtube/facetime etc if your broadband is on. I found ASDA had the best deals, ordered it online and it came v.quick

hmc Thu 07-Jul-11 12:33:20

Yep - I think I am going the Ipod touch route. Games etc would be good

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