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Weightless bras and other useless products...

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Gracie123 Wed 29-Jun-11 15:40:55

is it just me or are there a ridiculous number of useless ideas being marketed to us recently. My most annoying one is the 'lighter than air' bra that debenhams keep banging on about on twitter.
'only 48g' (which for the record, is heavier than air), but how much does a normal bra weigh? I honestly can't remember thinking it was ridiculously heavy... [hmmm]

So I would like to know:
I) your verdict on the bra and why I should be impressed
II) have you noticed any other rubbish marketing ideas you'd care to share with us
III) AIBU? It is the start of Japanese flag week, so maybe I'm just being a little hormonal about the whole thing... blush

PixieMerie Wed 29-Jun-11 16:59:46

Most useless thing I've even seen advertised is the daddle
Complete and utter crap

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