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Has anybody tried the Zigo Leader?

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Sar1106 Sun 06-Mar-11 22:10:20

Hi all, I"m thinking of getting a Zigo Leader bike / stroller combination and was just wondering if anyone had used one and what their thoughts were?

There is a 3 speed and a 7 speed, the 3 speed being quite a bit cheaper - is it worth spending the extra for the 7 speed or could I get away with the 3 speed?


camigirl74 Wed 08-Jun-11 18:45:20

Did you get a Zigo and if so, did you get the 3 speed or did you go with the 7 speed? We are getting ready to buy one and I was wondering if the 7 speed was worth the extra $200....

If you got the Zigo, have you been pleased with it?

DirtyMartini Wed 08-Jun-11 18:50:47

Not sure what one is so no advice, but I bet you'd get more replies in a different topic ... maybe cross-post in pushchairs or Products section?

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