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Universal Rain Cover

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Rosa Wed 01-Dec-10 12:45:22

I am fed up of minrosa managing to kick off the totally useless raincover that we have with the buggy. It sort of hooks over the hood and her toes poke out the bottom and with a gust of wind or a push from her its off ! WIth DD1 I purchased in the Uk a great throw over raincover that had velcro that did up behind the hood between the handles. It has ripped with overuse and it has no tag on it. I cant see if the clippasafe or others are similar at the back. Can anyone advise a make / model ? I looked at the Koodi ( sp ) one but we go out really in all weathers so it needs to be VERY waterproof downpours /snow/hail etc. ( I was not sure about one of the reviews made on Amazon.) My buggy is an Italian one rather like a Mclaren but with bigger wheels. Thanks

Colourworld Wed 01-Dec-10 14:55:37

We have this one item3336.html. It has a zip which is good to get fresh air in and there are hoocks in the bottom to secure the cover. I really like it because of the zip; feel so sorry for the babies who sit under the covers fully zipped like in a jar. Lack of air is bad for everyone and especially for the little ones.
There are more covers on this website. Hope you find something.

Rosa Wed 01-Dec-10 19:06:22

Thanks - does the framed one fold really easily or is there always a hard long bit in the middle ?? Simply as I have to have it with me at all times so it needs to sit easily under the buggy ..Thanks

Colourworld Thu 02-Dec-10 14:45:23

I cannot say anything about the framed one. May be you could send them an email. I see that my link did not show the picture I wanted. Click on the raincovers under the picture and you will see Apollo Universal Pushchair Raincover 2010, this is what we have. This does not have a frame. Hopefully the link works ir-raincover-id7780.html

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