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digital cameras any recommendations please?

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cornonthecob Sat 13-Nov-10 16:17:16

my casio exelim has broken! thinking of getting an entry level slr but looks bulky, but am interested in any recommendations of compact digital cameras and entry level slr's that are good for taking active children pictures!!

so much out there!! my budget is £200 max and prefer to have video function too!!


Himalaya Sun 14-Nov-10 08:08:15

For my money you can't beat the Cannon Ixus if you want a compact digital - there are a lot of lookalikes on the market, but the Ixus I think is still the best -- really well made, good controls and features. Mine has video, I think they all do but you will need to check.

cornonthecob Thu 18-Nov-10 20:35:08

Thanks himalya

Littlefish Thu 18-Nov-10 20:37:58

We had the canon ixus and agree that it's great. I lost it recently blush and we replaced it with the Panasonic Lumix. If it's possible, I think I prefer it to the Canon. There was another thread about this recently - it might worth you doing a search as a few alternatives were mentioned.

The lens in the panasonic is a Leica (sp) which is fantastic.

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