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Hair curling wand thingy! Which one?

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Finbar Sat 06-Nov-10 16:21:12

DD interested in one for Christmas. Has any one got one of the many available and if so which would you recommend?
There is a girlie type one by Carmen but as its only £9.99 I wonder how good it actually is?

FoJo Sun 07-Nov-10 14:22:27

We got a purple one last year for my dd aged 11 and its fab. Its called 'herstyler baby curls 13mm curling iron', however its £48 at amazon. I have very short hair, mainly because i am totally inept at doing hair. Can only manage a ponly tail or a couple of fat pigtails in dd's hair, no 'french plaits/braids' or whatever. However, this gives trult fantastic results and having been instructed by me (coz i was busy doing something else) her dad did it for her once as well. DOnt know if cheaper ones would be as good

iTigress Sun 07-Nov-10 14:31:41

I've got a BabyLiss one, can't work it out tbh, but it's highly recommended on t'net and was about £25 from Superdrug. I need someone to show me how to do it.


FoJo Sun 07-Nov-10 14:44:25

iTigress - if i can do it, anyone can - though I wouldnt be able to do it to myself if you see what i mean. DD's hair is straight and down to her shoulder blades. We have a few of those 'bulldog' clip type of things and we plonk her on the chair in front of tv. Take a section from all around (sort of a parting running around her hair following the line that a cap would) and clip it all up. Then go around and do a section about 1" wide at a time. Twist it around the wand and hold for about 20 seconds, then do the next bit. Ours comes with a glove to use on the hand not holding the wand as the wand gets hot. Then once you've done all of the 'underneath' undo the clips from the top section one at a time and do the same again. Whole thing takes us 30 mins and as i said if me and dh can do it, anone can!

Finbar Mon 08-Nov-10 08:05:47

There's so many out there, and being very sceptical I was thinking they probably are all basically the same!

I don't want o spend too much in case it doesn't get used as much as DD insists it will!

Snarfle Fri 10-Dec-10 22:54:55

babyliss get the one with fatest barrel as it tapers . it takes me 4 mins in morn to do my hair - straight,past shoulders down my back a little. wind it tight around stick hold for 5 secs and done. do underneath sections inch wide then top. really my hair looks amazing when done. i spray a good heat shield on first then a little hold after. not sure where 30 mins comes from?

auntyfash Fri 10-Dec-10 23:03:27

I can recommend the babyliss one too, the one that tapers and you get a heatproof glove with. I do my dd's hair by taking very small sections of hair, wrapping it round then make sure the wand is facing downwards. Because you're only doing such a small section of hair each time it takes only seconds for a ringlet style curl to form. I tend to do the front and sides first, then at the back I do looser curls underneath, by curling larger strands of hair, then just do the thinner ringletty ones on the top layer. It doesn't take long at all.

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