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Seamless tights?

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Vic030709 Fri 01-Oct-10 20:53:13

Just wondering if anyone knows of a UK company (or one which ships to UK for a fairly reasonable cost) that sell seamless tights for kids.

My little girls, 3 and 7 have very long legs and to get regular tights to fit I have to buy a couple of ages up but then the seams along the toes bunch up and dig in and formed heels end up halfway up their calves - very uncomfortable. Have only managed to find American sites with pricey shipping costs so far.

Girls hate tights but cold weather is drawing in up North! Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!

Octavia09 Fri 01-Oct-10 22:34:44

I understand you want to buy either cotton or wool blend tights to keep them warm.
John Lewis sells and you can pick up the order from the store if you do not want it to be delivered home. Term=cotton+tights#&&/wEXAQUHYWpheFVybAWBAVNSVC9TZ WFyY2gvU2VhcmNoLmFzcHg/U2VhcmNoVGVybT1jb3R0b24rdGl naHRzJk9NLVBhZ2VOdW1iZXI9MCZPTS1Tb3J0T3JkZXI9MCZPT S1BdHRyU3RyaW5nPURlcGFydG1lbnQlN2NHaXJscycrU29ja3M rJTI2K1RpZ2h0c0BJXw3ZtQq2x4sIFEp2sdipdYlL

M&S (they have thermal tights; also deliver to store) Underwear-Kids/b/325972031

I think you need to look for the tights with a very high % of cotton or wool. Then everything should stay in place.

You might also consider buying leggings. You could wear them on the top of the tights when it is very cold.

Vic030709 Mon 04-Oct-10 23:03:49

Thanks for the advice. Definitely need warm tights yes.

Did buy some from M&S this weekend as they are the best I've found, no formed heel and nice and stretchy. However, the stitching across the toes is still an issue. I have to buy age 9-11 yrs for my 7 yr old's long legs and she hates the way tights bunch up in her shoes. Doesn't help that she has pretty small feet for her height (11.5 shoe size)either!

Last winter I did resort to leggings instead of tights to save arguments every morning ('They're digging in' etc. etc.)and I got sick of spending money on various brands of tights that hardly got worn. Leggings just don't look as nice though - get baggy round knees after a while.

I just thought I would try and find seamless tights again early this winter as I think this could be the solution. However, will check out John Lewis - never bought tights there - and see if we have any joy.

Thanks again.

succubus Sat 27-Nov-10 20:08:04

Hi Vic030709
I so know what you mean. My six year old causes me no end of problems when getting ready for school as when it comes to putting tights and socks on it's a nightmare. I did get some thick, cotton, seamless tights but forgot where I bought them. They have no brand mark on the label so I'm assuming I got them in a cheaper shop like QS or Peacocks. I know you can get seamless kids socks online at the sockshop but they're no good in the freezing weather. If you manage to find any let me know and I'll do the same x

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