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Have Amazon gone completely mental?

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starrychime Wed 18-Aug-10 21:06:36

Dropped into Amazon for a quick look and
this came up in my recommendations! WTF? Are they having a laff?

ZinglebertBembledank Wed 18-Aug-10 21:08:10

What on earth have you been buying??!

domesticsluttery Wed 18-Aug-10 21:09:35


I like the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed: Walkers Roast Chicken Crisps 48 pack"


thisisyesterday Wed 18-Aug-10 21:10:36

pmsl that's the funniest thing i've seen all night

Habbibu Wed 18-Aug-10 21:11:09

It's a snip! Trust you've turned off one-click ordering, just in case?

creequealley Wed 18-Aug-10 21:12:36

I've got two. Maybe i recommended it to you wink

geraldinetheluckygoat Wed 18-Aug-10 21:14:14

hahahaha!!! write a review someone!!!!

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Aug-10 21:14:47

oooh how very odd
is that for real?

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 18-Aug-10 21:15:18

Dh says for that amount insist you get the elephant thrown in.

wukter Wed 18-Aug-10 21:18:00

"Buy now and get a currant bun absolutely free!"

Love it

starrychime Wed 18-Aug-10 21:18:17

Recent purchases include several historical novels and a tangle tease brush - not related to large animal concealement in any way, honest guv!

CatIsSleepy Wed 18-Aug-10 21:22:06

it looks a bit rubbish though

I mean, I can still see the elephant...

PDR Wed 18-Aug-10 21:24:13


CheeryCherry Wed 18-Aug-10 21:26:19

Bargain! And free postage and packaging!

Have you bought a screen protector for a mobile phone or other gadget recently? IIRC that's what Proporta mostly sell.

TonariNoTotoro Wed 18-Aug-10 21:29:31


mablemurple Wed 18-Aug-10 21:30:36

You can buy crisps from Amazon?? confused

Hassled Wed 18-Aug-10 21:31:55

at "I can still see the elephant"

starrychime Wed 18-Aug-10 21:32:39

Can't decide between this and the guitar for 10 million quid in the Customers also viewed section!! confused

Furball Wed 18-Aug-10 21:33:26

maybe you looked at these? and they thought you might be interested in the camouflage

TheCrackFox Wed 18-Aug-10 21:38:44

Thank goodness for this thread as I have been feeling, recently, that my elephant sticks out like a sore thumb....if only there was a way to make him blend in with his last an answer to my prayers.

Am very tempted.
Do you think it would also work on my rhinocerous? It's very visible.

stressheaderic Wed 18-Aug-10 21:41:46

That is most strange. Funny though!

I don't know what the world's coming to these days. This is a blatant pitch for the lucrative Christmas elephant camouflage market, and it's only August, for goodness' sake! I remember when you didn't see elephant camouflage sets advertised until after Halloween at the earliest, but things get earlier and earlier each year.

starrychime Wed 18-Aug-10 21:42:48

I actually did think (for a nanosecond) it might be something to do with the technology they've been talking about where they're making 'light-bending' materials to try and disguise tanks etc blush

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