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Need help extending my BabyDan stair gate

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HopingCatPlusThree Mon 12-Jul-10 21:53:20

Does anyone have a Baby Dan stair gate? We bought the Premier Pressure gate with 6 extensions to fit our 120cm gap, as the manual says you can have a max of 6 extensions. However there is no way of putting all 6 extensions on the gate, as the metal poles that come with the extensions are only suitable for 2 extensions per side of the gate. Am I missing something? Has anyone figured this out, or is there an additional accessory I need to buy? Any help much appreciated as DS likes to go in the fridge and pour milk on the floor, so I could do with keeping him out of the kitchen.

NicTaylor Mon 08-Apr-13 13:34:13

Hi I have a fairly typical victorian wrought iron staircase with a wooden banaster. Im having trouble finding a stair gate that fits on to the round uprights. Does anyone know what type of stair gate is best. I could use an exta wide one at the top of the stairs wich was the width of the landing (203cm) but im also finding it difficult to find this size and it still doesnt help with the rounded post at the bottom of the stairs. Hope someone has some suggestions soon as baby is starting to get on the move!

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