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Lily Madigan needs help!

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OnLiamsList Thu 08-Feb-18 12:43:43

Lily Madigan needs help! She's Tweeted asking for donations of women's clothes. Not for the struggling, impoverished single mums of Medway, but for herself.
The thing is, if Lily goes into meetings dressed as a man, demanding the expulsion of women would provoke outrage at the misogyny. But if she says the exact same thing in 'womanface' she'll be hailed as a brave heroine.
So please, if you are a size 6 to 8, donate what you can to this worthy cause.

Lily Madigan
c/o Labour Party
94 Jersey Rd,

AjasLipstick Thu 08-Feb-18 13:10:20

Lily Madigan has still got a penis hasn't she? Not a woman then and not someone who should need to be begging for clothing. Educated and in the public eye even the poorest of people can scrabble enough for some charity shop clothes!

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