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My 2.5 year old niece....

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Doobydoo Mon 31-May-10 19:21:15

Wanted to share the hideousness!
My sister and her dp made my niece pop corn.At pre schoo; she told her key worker that mummy and daddy made cockporn blush My sister was so mortifiedgrin

allstarsprincess Mon 31-May-10 19:24:05

I love the slip ups of children.

My DD today told a waiter serving us lunch that she wants to be a racist when she grows up....he looked mortified until I explained she meant waitress!

Doobydoo Mon 31-May-10 19:29:06


Saggyoldclothcatpuss Fri 11-Jun-10 01:34:53

The five year old I look after asked her brother if he had seen 'badger' on his field trip to the woods.
He replied that badgers don't come out in the day.
She said 'no, the man who owns the woods'.
Cue her brothers and I Posl, the owner is called Roger!

IMoveTheStars Fri 11-Jun-10 01:36:48

cock corn here... funny though, isn't it

DS has taken to saying 'oh BUBBA' (Oh bugger) when he breaks something or can't do a puzzle

IMoveTheStars Fri 11-Jun-10 01:39:11

just remembered; my nephew was waiting with his Mum (my sister) at the Chinese for an order. When he saw the man behind the til he pulled his eyes sideways. He's not even 2! Luckily the man wasn't offended (who could be by a toddler?) but my sister was absolutelty mortified!

devonshiredumpling Wed 22-Sep-10 22:30:28

when i had my daughter my son saw me changing my sanitary towel and in the middle of our local spar announced very loudly that mummy did a pooh in her nappy (he had just turned three ){blush}

TyraG Tue 23-Nov-10 14:17:29

My son and daughter were pretending to paint my husbands nails when my son announced "I'm going to paint my penis" Not to be outdone my daughter said "I'm going to paint my gina (vagina)".

RA88 Thu 10-May-12 19:13:27

TyraG : actually howling here !

nannyof3 Sat 26-May-12 23:40:56

7 yr old points to a pregnant friend and says your not pregnant, u just eat to much

See's her grandad talking to a lady and says to her, if this is going to become a regular thing, i dont want to see you every weekend like i see grandad

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