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What the kids said

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outmumbered Thu 22-Apr-10 17:01:20

A little while ago I had a particularly bad day with my kids, culminating in a full-on screaming tantrum (kids, not me for once) in the park. Later when they'd gone to bed, I sketched what had happened in my sketchbook, (therapy I think). Although it was a record of what had been a very dark day, when I saw it as a drawing I had to laugh. Anyhow, things have got a bit easier since then, but I've carried on drawing the things they do. I thought I'd share them with other mums, just for fun. Click on the links to see a few. I'll add more as I do them.

Granny's Loo

Telling the Time

Good Learning

SusieCarmichael Thu 22-Apr-10 17:12:08

love the good learning one grin

i would love to see more, dd and her little cousin had the most hilarious convo in the car once but i annoyingly can't remember it hmm i'll have to ask my bro if he remembers, i know it would make a great sketch!

outmumbered Fri 23-Apr-10 12:45:34

Thanks for the encouragement! If anyone else's kids have come out with any classics, let me know. In the meantime,here's another one:


Iklboo Fri 23-Apr-10 12:47:26

PLEASE keep posting these. They're fab! I propose a Mumsnet Cartoon Strip using your wondeful talent grin

BertieBotts Fri 23-Apr-10 12:47:53

grin Excellent cat's bum reference there.

These are really good! My favourite was Granny's Loo. You should start putting them on a website, like a blog or something, I would follow it.

outmumbered Sat 24-Apr-10 15:32:44

Thanks for the feedback! Here's an older one. It's the kids' response to our holiday last year.

credit crunch holiday

outmumbered Mon 26-Apr-10 11:24:24

And another...

mixed emotions

WowOoo Mon 26-Apr-10 11:29:49

They are fab! Especially like the telling the time and good learning one.

outmumbered Tue 27-Apr-10 11:42:34

Here's some early girlfriend/boyfriend anxiety:


outmumbered Wed 28-Apr-10 10:56:46

Here's DS enjoying the countryside:

reluctant walker

englishpatient Wed 28-Apr-10 12:19:08

I like these!

EndoJ Thu 06-Sep-12 15:31:47

my mum said i came out with a corker when i was a tiddler:
"Mummay... when Grannie was a little girl, did she play with Jesus?"

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 03-Oct-12 19:45:58

These are really good, keep 'em coming!

MadNortherner Fri 12-Oct-12 15:47:10

Just stumbled upon these. They're great. I love the learning one and the mixed emotions ones best. Keep em coming.

Thewhingingdefective Tue 29-Jan-13 08:12:38

These are just great!

MercedesKing Wed 30-Jan-13 08:14:01

Oh~ Thanks for all of your great idea, they are perfect! I have no to share right now, But I would do it as soon as I had. smile

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